November 2018

Der Nachtportier, E.T., Hollow Skies, Cyberpagan
Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygene, Pt.14
Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygene, Pt.15
Terminal Sound System The Hum
UNKLE When the Lights Go Out/We Own the Night
Heinz Erhardt Warum die Zitronen sauer sind
Fear Administration (der lange) Basilisk
Boards of Canada Reach for the Dead
John Carpenter The President At The Train
LIVE: Imperial Black Units
Skinny Puppy Burnt With Water
Front Line Assembly Infra Red Combat
Closed Unruh Kriminelle Energie
LIVE: The Soft Moon
Then Comes Silence Spinning Faster
Whispering Sons White Noise
Marta Raya Automatisch
undertheskin Undone
Ascetic: Religion
Boy Harsher Pain
Qual Cupio Dissolvi
Human Puppets Reise nach Deutschland
Andi Arroganti Benzin in Berlin
Kein Mensch Kein Mensch
Joy Division Excercise One (Peel Session)
The KVB Sleep Walking
Tropic of Cancer A Color
Killing Joke Pssyche
Wora Wora Washington Marbles
Bragolin Into Those Woods
Blind Delon Sueur
Moresque Foray Human Race
Lovataraxx Ana Venus
Nina Belief Severance
KatzKab Ein kleines Loch
The Cure Object
Komplikations Defect
Bauhaus The Sanity Assassin
All Gone Dead Newspeak (Room 101)
Bootblacks Southpole
Deutsche Schäferhunde Rosa Brille
DAF Als wär's das letzte Mal
Snowy Red Never Alive
Die Klopferbande Pech für die U.S.A.
Martin Dupont Just Because
Les Yeux Sans Visage New Age
The Fall Bury Pt. 3
New Order Age of Consent
The Smiths William, It Was Really Nothing
The House of Love Shine On
The Soft Moon Want
She Past Away Kemir Beni
Rue Oberkampf Caméra
Werther Effekt Guerrier Soviétique
Pari Pari Tour de France
Feine Sahne Fischfilet Geschichten aus Jarmen
The Sound Skeletons
The Rope Water to Wine
The Bellwether Syndicate Republik
Traitrs Thin Flesh
Creux Lies Tsavo
X-mal Deutschland Schwarze Welt
Lille Roger Touch Me
Haus Arafna Amputation Cures
Herz Jühning Rituals
November Növelet Free
Tara Cross Like I Am (Comme Je Suis)
Fad Gadget Under the Flag II
Martial Canterel Horror Without You
Geniuser Monkey
Arcade Fire No Cars Go
Principe Valiente The Night
Colin Newman Order for Order
Echo and the Bunnymen Villiers Terrace
Die Art Radiokrieg
Siglo XX The Art of War
Actors L'Appel du Vide
Joy Division Disorder
Position Parallèle L'Homme Moderne
Der Nachtportier Die Gestalten
A Split Second Flesh
Tempers Strange Harvest
Whispering Sons Stalemate
Soft Kill From This Point On
The Sisters of Mercy Blood Money
Gary Numan Me, I Disconnect from You (live)
Brigade Internationale Le Desert des Tortures
Die Erde Party
Michelle Scullion The Boys Attack
Harry Manfredini Friday 13th End Theme
Nico Fidenico Emanuelle in America Sweet
Robert Görl Mit Dir
Cocteau Twins Pink Orange Red
The Smashing Punpkins Daphne Descends
Blumfeld Zeittotschläger
Peterlicht Alles was du siehst gehört dir
Leo hört Rauschen Angst
Fehlfarben Apokalypse
Element of Crime Nimm dir, was du willst
The Blue Angel Lounge Ewig
Heinz Erhardt Der Frühling
The Exploding Boy Here Comes Rain
Perrecy Dieser charmante Mann
The Cure Cold
Richard Cheese Holiday in Cambodia