November 2019

Hollow Skies, Der Nachtportier, E.T., Cyberpagan

AeonSable A Serpiente e o Andarilho
Einstürzende Neubauten Fiat Lux
Sextile Mind's Eye
BlackMarble A Great Design
LIVE di:unru:
TheMurder Capital Green & Blue
Traitrs Lya
The Isolators Concentrate on Us
Jet'Aime The Sound
Molchat Doma Zvezdy
Driving Dead Girl Black Coffee
The Woken Trees Children of Chalk
Drône Born Again
Le Prince Harry Communication Is Violence
1919 Dream
Bauhaus The Sanity Assassin
Traitrs Youth Cults
The Cure Grinding Halt
The Soft Moon Tiny Spiders
Wipers Pushing the Extreme
Andy Giorbino Es Schneit
De Ambassade Zo Hoogals de Bogen
Kontravoid Open the Wound
Tornische Foto des integracion
Moresque Foray Human Race
Werther Effekt The Somnambulist
Lebanon Hanover Du Scrollst
Isla Ola Nebelmond
3+Dead Kebabtraume
Guerre Froide Demain Berlin
Agent Side Grinder This Is Us
Bragolin Tired Eyes Tired Feet
The Wake Sideshow
Christian Death Romeo's Distress
Haus Arafna Electronic Terrorism
Da-Sein Nosebleed
Kommando Serpent Seed
Martial Canterel 3 Days
Brighter Death Now Inner war
Anne Clark Self Destruct
And Also the Trees Impulse of Man
BFG Higher Than Heaven Is
The Jesus and Mary Chain Happy When It Rains
New Order Dreams Never End
The Sound I Can't Escape Myself
Indochine L'Aventurier
Ben Bloodygrave Ich schau in dein Gesicht
Red Zebra I Can't Live in a Living Room
Violent Femmes Add It Up
Warsaw They Walked in Line
The Doctors Metro
The Cure Jumping Someone Else's Train
OTO Anyway
Echo and the Bunnymen Crocodiles
Monomen Drum of Glass
Bal Paré Palais d'Amour
Zonenkind I kwill tanzn
6Comm Pipes of Gold
Snowy Red Never Alive
Klinik Brain
Kraftwerk Die Roboter
Click Click Rats in my Bed
Wire Dot Dash
Singapore Sling Suicide Twist
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Save My Soul
Victories at Sea Stay Positive
Hollow Skies Restless in Line
The Chameleons Don't Fall
The Rope Water To Wine
Light Asylum Dark Allies
Kurs Valut Ni
She Wants Revenge Tear You Apart
Suspiria Allegedly, Dancefloor Tragedy
Peter Murphy Cuts You Up
Specimen Hex
under the skin Done
Bal Paré Die Idioten
Martin Dupont Just Because
Hide 1/2Trash
November Növelet Dancing Queen
Maska Genetik Black Spring
Skinny Puppy Dig It
The Weathermen Twisting Doorknob
Ministry Just One Fix
Faith and the Muse Battle Hymn
All Gone Dead New Speak (Room101)
Bragolin Into Those Woods
Nicole Saboune Unseen Footage
Gordy Boy A Hidden Forest
Lovataraxx Ana Venus
Potochkine Je Déteste Attendre
Position Parallèle Passe par Ici
Dreizack Großstadtnacht
Gang of Four Damaged Goods
Judd3rman Diamonds Like the Driven Snow
Alphaville Sounds Like a Melody
Les Rita Mitsouko C'est Comme Ça
Art Brut My Little Brother
Pari Pari Tour de France
Feine Sahne Fischfilet Geschichten aus Jarmen
Red Zebra Agent Orange
Garbage Only Happy When It Rains
Repeater Yours and Mine
Epoxies Need More Time
Richard Cheese Closer